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At Computer Repairs Tameside we aim to offer low-cost and reliable computer repairs in Droylsden.

Most repairs can be carried out at your home or at our fully equipped workshop. We also offer a Collect and Return Service, Which means that we will come and collect your broken Laptop, PC or Device from your house and take it back to the workshop to be repaired by one of our experienced engineers. Then, when the repair is complete we will return it to you at a time suitable for you.

Is your computer running slowly or unreliable? Having problems with Viruses or Spyware? Is your device overheating and causing crashes or blue screens?

Call 0161 660 9382 today for a free, no obligation quote from one of our experienced engineers.

With over 20 years experience our trained engineers are able to complete the job efficiently and to an excellent standard.

The services that we provide include:

Laptop Repairs DroylsdenIntel Wireless Card

PC Repairs Droylsden

Laptop and PC Servicing Droylsden

Laptop and PC Repairs Droylsden

Computer Running Slowly Repairs Droylsden

Computer Crashing Repairs Droylsden

Virus/Spyware  Removal Droylsden

Microsoft Xbox 360 Repairs Droylsden

Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Repair DroylsdenPlaystation 3 Yellow Light of Death

Xbox 360 Laser Replacements Droylsden

Sony PlayStation 3 Repairs Droylsden

Playstation 3 YLOD Repairs Droylsden

Playstation 3 Won’t Read Disks Repairs Droylsden

Data Recovery Droylsden

Laptop Screen Replacements Droylsden

Mobile Phone Repairs Droylsden

Smartphone Repairs DroylsdenXbox 360 Red Ring Of Death

Touch Screen Repairs Droylsden

iPad Repairs Droylsden

iPhone Repairs Droylsden

Samsung Galaxy Repairs Droylsden

Apple Repairs Droylsden

Tablet Repairs Droylsden

Most of these repairs can be carried in your home, sometimes it may be necessary for it to be taken back to our workshop for further repairs.

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